We’re an Impact Matters Top Nonprofit!

We earned the highest rating from the independent charity rating agency, Impact Matters, in recognition of our social impact and were named one of its top nonprofits. “Based on our analysis of your program’s outcomes and costs, we determined your program is highly cost-effective. We are excited to help you highlight your cost-effectiveness to donors this giving season and beyond,” explained Tamsin Chen, Director of Ratings for Impact Matters.

Impact Matters is a new nonprofit rating agency similar to Guidestar and Charity Navigator. Their mission is to guide donors to high-impact nonprofits by producing ratings of impact. They believe strongly in the nonprofit sector as a way to improve people’s lives and have designed their rating system help the nonprofit sector flourish by rewarding impact.

Impact Matters considers social impact as the change in outcomes caused by a social program relative to cost. Some programs are more effective than others at changing outcomes. This data is not available to most donors, preventing them from pinpointing the impact of their own donation. Through data analysis, ImpactMatters calculates the impact of a nonprofit’s program and issues a rating. Donors can use these ratings to make more informed decisions about their giving.

To check our Impact Matters rating, please visit https://www.impactmatters.org/nonprofit/74-2250374

Want to help us make an even bigger impact on hungry and struggling families in our community?  Please make a donation today at https://cotable.org/donate/

You can also schedule your Colorado Gives Day donation today by visiting https://www.coloradogives.org/index.php?section=organizations&action=newDonation&fwID=15601




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