February is National Canned Food Month

Thank Napoleon next time you open a can of food.

In 1795, Napoleon offered a prize of 12,000 francs to improve the food preservation methods that existed at the time. Before canning, people used salting, drying, sugaring and smoking to preserve food. Napoleon’s purpose, not surprisingly, was to feed his army when an invaded country was not able or inclined to sell or provide food to his soldiers.

A French confectioner and inventor Nicolas Appert claimed the prize fifteen years later. He devised a method involving heating, boiling and sealing food in airtight glass jars. Appert wrote a book on his canning invention, and soon after, an English businessman, Peter Durand, adapted the design and, in 1810, patented the use of tin instead of glass cans.

The 19th century saw a canning boom when companies like Campbell Soup, Heinz and Borden started canning their products. Today, canned foods are still popular and are used by everyone, from private citizens to militaries to food banks.

Need a great way to celebrate canned food month? Donate canned goods today! Everyone deserves a warm meal in the winter.

Canned meats, fruits and beans are always in demand. We accept food donations Monday through Friday from 9 am to 4 pm.

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