AEDA contributes $1,000 to Bridges to Opportunity

The Arvada Economic Development Association (AEDA)
has been a longtime supporter of the Arvada Community
Food Bank. This year, AEDA was looking to invest
in a program directly supporting Arvada families. The
organization has chosen to provide a 2017 gift to Community Table’s
Bridges to Opportunity (B2O) program to be used for rent
deposits for the working poor to attain stability in permanent
housing. Many of the working poor served are technically

B2O partners with the Arvada Housing Authority (AHA)
to pre-qualify families for rent assistance through AHA’s
Housing Choice program. However, AHA funds can not be
used directly for deposits, often leaving a final hurdle for
program participants to clear. Money directed by donors,
including organizations like AEDA, can then be used by
B2O to fund deposits and remove that final hurdle.

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