13 Nov 2020

You Have the Power


Your Support Makes a Difference!

A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated to Community Table in the weeks and months since this crisis began. Some of you are donating for the first time. Some of you are longtime supporters who never let us down. Either way, we are so grateful for the outpouring of support that allows us to continue our vital work of feeding our friends and neighbors in need.

Here is one of the many comments we receive from the people we help, thanks to the generous and caring support we receive from the community. Your support truly makes a difference!

Dear Ms. Martin,

After visiting the Community Table this past week, I felt compelled to reach out directly to you.

Over the decades, I’ve held multiple professional and non-professional roles. I’ve been scrappy when I had to and extremely grateful when I didn’t. Unfortunately, between a high conflict divorce and Covid-19, I’ve found myself at a loss both emotionally and financially.

Yet, I have two teens who are depending upon me for all the things, including food.

While I was embarrassed by my circumstances and, yes, waited till the last hour till I summoned the humility to walk through the doors of the Community Table, all I found inside was generosity and care. From the volunteer who walked me through the paperwork, to the intake volunteer, Marilyn, who saw through my tears with compassion, to the volunteer who encouraged me to take all that was available under my plan (she clearly saw my hesitancy), I felt nothing but support. No judgment. No shame. Only dignity. (And, I could literally choose the ingredients I knew that my children would consume! I nearly squealed with excitement to find fresh kale and swiss chard in the refrigerator.)

I’m not sure what kind of training program your volunteers go through to deliver the exceptional service and humanity that they delivered to me that day, but it should be a model for food banks nationwide. Thank you for doing this work. Thank you for being there in my dark hour. I will never forget the comfort that your organization and volunteers offered me. It was just as important, if not more, than the food I got to take home.


A Single Mom

Many thanks for your continued support and to

our amazing and tireless volunteers!!!












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17 Aug 2020

Sixth Annual ACFB Foundation Charity Golf Classic Results


Thank you to everyone who participated in the Sixth Annual Charity Golf Classic!!!

Sponsor Recap Report

Scores by foursome:

Consolidated Electrical Distributors – (57) 1st Place – $100 gift card/golfer

FirstBank – (58) 2nd Place – $75 gift card/per golfer

City of Arvada – (59) 3rd Place – $50 gift card/golfer

R.H. Jacobson and Company – (60)

Harry Fuller – Dan Collins – (61)

Easter-Owens – Brie Braach – (63)

Newsletter – Rick Sanzolone – (64)

Easter-Owens – JD Samms – (65)

Alan Albrandt – Gay Van Haveren – (65)

Billings Investment – (66)

Industrial Chemical Corporation – Gary Biesemeier – (66)

Jamie Wilkins – (67)

Andre Wilkie – (67)

Pie Consulting & Engineering – (67)

Harry Fuller – Mike Fuller – (67)

BOK Financial – (68)

DAO Architecture – (68)

Easter-Owens – Dave Easter – (69)

Newsletter – Louise Nelson – (69)

Susan Schwarz – (69)

Sooper Credit Union – (69)

Industrial Chemical Corporation – Tricia Twiford – (70)

Martinson Snow Removal – (71)

Red Rocks Community College Foundation – (71)

Ralph Jacobson – Stan Jacobson – (72)

Alan Albrandt – Alan Albrandt – (78)

Doris Stipech/State Farm – (84) Last Place Consolation Prize $10 gift card/per golfer

Ralph Jacobson – Nick Miller – (NS) Scorecard not turned in

Colorado Floor Works – (NS) Scorecard not turned in

Individual Prizes – $100 each:

Closest to the Pin Men #4 – John Wilkins

Longest Putt Men #7 – Don Ciancio

Closest to the Line #11 – Scott McReynolds

Closest to the Pin Women #13 – Raelene Wilkie

Longest Putt Women #15 – Jamie Wilkins

Southwest Airlines ePass Draawing – Maureen McCabe

The gift cards are kept at Hyland Hills. They do not expire and can be used after the pandemic. Prizes per rules sheet.

Thank you again for participating in this year’s Golf Classic! Please plan to join us next year!

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1 Aug 2020

We’ve Got Food 2 Ways! Shop In Person or Drive Up and Pick Up!


Now you have two ways to get food for your family. It’s your choice.

Shop in person and choose your food or drive up and pick up prepacked food boxes.







Client Choice Pantry is open for shopping. Our shelves are stocked with fresh produce, meat, dairy products, canned goods, bread and personal care products and we’ve taken all CDC precautions to keep you safe.










If you are not able to shop in the pantry, prefer not to shop or do not live in our service area, you can drive up and pick up boxes of prepacked food.


Click here for all the details and hours.



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