Woohoo! with your help, we collected 33,096 pounds of food!

A GIANT thank you to everyone who participated in the 25×25 Community Food Drive, including those who donated food, hosted food drives at their businesses and organizations, and to our friends at Arvada Center, Apex Park and Recreation District, Wheat Ridge City Hall, King Soopers Candelas and Wheat Ridge Recreation Center for hosting collection barrels at their sites.

Many thanks to Danielle Dascalos, Jean Gordon and everyone else that helped spread the word.

It was truly a COMMUNITY food drive!

We couldn’t have done it without you!!

The food we collected will provide nearly 28,000 meals!!!!

Thank you!!!

Learn more about the food drive and the ongoing need below.


Please help us collect 25,000 pounds of food by December 25!

Like most food pantries, we rely on donated food to help feed thousands of hungry families every year. Donated food keeps our pantry shelves stocked, and it provides choice and variety for the families we help. Unfortunately, the pandemic and its aftermath has disrupted our grocery rescue program and caused an overall decline in food donations. Grocery rescue is the practice of collecting fresh edible food from grocery stores and other food outlets that would otherwise go to waste.

“Even though the community has generously supported hungry families and us throughout the pandemic and its aftermath, our supply chain has still not returned to pre-pandemic levels. Food donations and grocery rescue are just not keeping pace with the increased need. And now, with the addition of record-setting inflation, we are feeding more families than ever,” lamented Community Table President and CEO Sandy Martin. “For instance, in September 2021, we provided food for 1,600 people. This September, 3,250 people visited us for food—doubling the number of people we need to feed.”

“We’re excited about the 25 x 25 food drive. Last year was the first year for the drive, and we collected 25,777 pounds of food. This year we’re hoping to not only replenish our food inventory but raise awareness about hunger in the metro area,” said Martin. “This year’s 25 x 25 food drive kicks off during National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness Week, designed to educate the public, draw attention to the problem of poverty and build up a base of volunteers and donors for local organizations like us. Community Table is not the only pantry affected by the pandemic. Many other hunger relief agencies have seen their supply chains decline while the number of hungry families continues to increase.”

Next time you’re grocery shopping, please pick up a few extra items for those in our community who do not have enough to eat. We need all types of non-perishable food and personal care products. Please drop off your donations at a collection site in Arvada or directly to Community Table. Look for our food drive barrels that look like a giant can of corn at these locations:

25×25 Collection Sites

Community Table: 8555 West 57th Avenue

Apex Center: 13159 West 72nd Avenue

Arvada Center: 6901 Wadsworth Boulevard

King Soopers Candelas: 14967 Candelas Parkway

Wheat Ridge Recreation Center:  4005 Kipling Street

Wheat Ridge City Hall: 7500 West 29th Avenue

We’re inviting businesses, churches, service organizations and other groups to participate in the 25×25 challenge by hosting food drives at their locations for employees, customers, and members. To make it even easier to participate, we’ll supply boxes and pick up donations. To schedule, a donation pick-up, CLICK HERE.

Need a 25×25 flyer? CLICK HERE.